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Adult Education and E-Learning – Why 2009 Should Result in Fewer Prefixes and More Knowledge

At a time when UK university places are seeing record demand and applications submitted by older students are increasing, it seems likely that over the next few years a typical campus will be made up of an even more diverse mix of ages than it has seen in the past. Recent UCAS data highlights just how many older people are applying, with an 18 percent rise of applicants aged 25 and over – this has bumped the overall number of extra students competing to get into UK institutions by another 50,000 compared to last year.

Although this sudden influx of students is no doubt set to strain our recession-hit universities even further, as well as making the application process even tougher for those who a few years ago would haves secured a place with ease, I see this as a very good thing for education as a whole – and a good opportunity for the UK’s HE institutions to adapt to the needs of a wider variety of students and developing technologies.

When we discuss e-Learning, adult education or distance courses – if we are not describing its successes we are usually talking about issues that people come across when embarking on such an endeavour. Steve Wheeler (from his blog: is aware of this and decided to ask his Twitter followers what they thought the primary issues with, specifically, e-Learning were. What inspired this particular article is the response from one follower in Liverpool who argued ‘that integrating e-learning into the mainstream (and perhaps losing the ‘e’ that distinguishes it)’ was important. A notion that got me thinking.

Surely then, 2009 and 2010 may well be the year that we really begin to see this happen. E-Learning is ear-marked for further funding in light of the 40th anniversary of the Open University, and additionally, the greater reach of online lessons where physical class space and accommodation doesn’t have to be considered will no doubt become more important for institutions and students alike.

At the same time, I can’t help but imagine that the notion of ‘adult education’ as opposed to just ‘education’ is on its way out also – and it is e-Learning technology which is having a hand in that too. Online education is changing the way in which the individual student interacts with the college in two ways, the first: by offering a flexible, individually fitted, means to accessing information and the second: by providing open content (i.e. texts created by institutions but that are available to all). Consequently, once e-Learning does become “mainstream” I envisage a learning environment that has absolutely nothing to do with the age of the student, and everything to do with that innocuous vowel – though I’m sure we will have forgotten all about it.

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The Basics EVERYONE Must Know About Adult Education

Unlike in the past, education holds a paramount place in our society. As a result, many people around the world are wiling to head back to college for a formal education. Some of these people decide to enroll for the classes at night when they would have finish their secular work, others enroll for the weekend classes. The main goal for these group attending these classes is to get a new and better job than what they have presently. But some people choose to attend because they enjoy learning and not because they want a better job.

Today’s work place has undergone a lot of changes. You may be left behind if you don’t do something fast about your level of education or what you know about a particular field of endeavor. You may be sent out of the organization. This is very common because of the level of technology we have in our hand these days. In other words, you may find that you are irrelevant because you don’t know anything about computers and technology.But you don’t have to despair. Through an adult education class, you can now get to speed with computers. There are many companies out there these days that will not recruit you if you don’t have up to date knowledge of computer or information technology. So, many companies are not only ready to employ you if you have the requisite knowledge but will be ready to spend lots of money on you to acquire more knowledge about computer or IT.You can choose to enroll in any of these courses during your vacation. There are a lot of courses or programs out there that you can choose from. Ensure that you enroll for program that not only help advance your career and salary but it will also make you a better worker in your organization.

If you don’t like the idea of sitting in a classroom with others, there is a way out for you.You can choose a distance learning course. This is advisable if you cannot find the time to attend the classes in person.You can complete the course work at your own pace.You also learn at your own pace. So, your busy lifestyle is not interrupted. Unlike what obtains in the conventional courses, you are not under any obligation to complete the course work at a specific time. However, some programs will help you by providing you with a personal tutor. You are free to talk with the teacher and share views. Why not stop what you are doing now and shop for a college or university offering adult education?You will not regret doing so.

More Than Just Teaching – The Additional Importance of Adult Education

Distance learning and adult education are certainly in the spotlight at the moment. As economic problems spur individuals to improve their CVs or consider a change in career, and universities begin to offer more and more distance and e-Learning courses, now seems the perfect time for adults to think about going back to school. But adult education is not only about teaching older learners new skills and subjects, it also has a wider social importance – and can achieve far more.

In order to have this far reaching achievement, adult education must be taught and used with such prospects in mind. In his essay, The Liberating Role Of Education, Julius K. Nyerere argues that wanting to learn should not be for the goal of achievement itself, in his words: ‘such a desire is merely another aspect of the disease of the acquisitive society’.

Consequently, adult education should be aiming to liberate the student in all senses of their character. Nyerere’s example is thus: “Learning how best to grow soya beans is of little use to a man if it is not combined with learning about nutrition; or the existence of a market for the beans.” It seems that adult education during a recession needs to be wholly encompassing – involving the learning of a new subject, along with the best ways to absorb and reinterpret the information on the subject (then and beyond), and to develop an understanding of how best they can utilize that knowledge in relation to the wider world.

In an article at, Paul Mackney of Campaigning Alliance for Lifelong Learning discusses the importance for the government to promote adult education currently, but also the difficulties that come along with it. He states, “Employers are going to have a problem in delivering training when they are simply trying to survive. Short courses will be needed to encourage people back into learning.” Yet, society itself is dependent on social inclusion and cohesiveness that comes with employment and training. He argues, “the 19th century had been about developing elementary education, the 20th century about developing secondary education and the 21st century would be about developing mass further education and higher education.”

As a result of these arguments, it seems that one of the primary roles of adult education is almost beautiful in its simplicity – to give confidence. After years of working a job the idea of a change and going back to school is a huge step, and one that involves great bravery. Yet, an adult education course should not only inspire confidence in an individual’s knowledge of a subject, but also should show they can connect with their world and themselves in a more rewarding way – and that education can and should be continued at any point in their life.

Adult Education Online – The Modern Solution to Obtaining a College Degree

We all lead busy lives. Most adults have varied and multiple commitments. There are jobs, kids, school and sports activities for the kids and many other commitments that the average adult has on an ongoing basis. We are over committed with little time to commit to ourselves and to education. The solution for many can be to pursue adult education online – a viable solution to higher education.

Education online is offered by most colleges. The degrees obtained are just as accepted as traditional degrees that were obtained in a classroom setting. Today, online education is fast becoming the way many people, including everyone from professional working adults to young people, are obtaining their degrees.

It is no falsehood that in today’s economy jobs are getting harder to come by. Education is a lever to securing the job that you need. It also helps a person keep the job they have and advance through the ranks. Education is seen as something that not everyone has, but they should have. If a person is working to obtain their degree, they will be ahead of the person who only has a high school diploma.

Many employers encourage their employees to take classes. Working and going to school can be difficult. For some it can be impossible. Adult education online works within a person’s schedule and goes where ever they go. For example, if a person works in a job where their schedule is changing from week to week, attending a traditional college class can be nearly impossible. The employer may be unable to schedule around a class schedule. Those taking education classes online can take their classes in the off time during the week, regardless of when that time is. As long as their assignments are done on time they can be worked on at any time.

At an online school, a person can earn a degree in fields such as business administration, computer information systems, criminal justice and even for those who are still undecided, there are degree programs in general studies. While you can pursue your dreams of an associate or bachelor’s degree, there are also classes to take for enrichment or certification. These topics include classes in the medical, real estate and professional fields.

Whatever the goal, there are adult education online classes to help a person get there. With the advancements in technology, all that is needed is a computer and access to the Internet. A school guidance counselor will help you assess your goals and help you attain what you need to get started.

Adult education online is fast becoming how people are securing their degrees. These degrees in turn will help the people with them get and keep the jobs of the future. Education is the way to improve the future.